Skill-Intelligent Learning For Your Workforce



We help quantify, identify and match skill requirements for your workforce.


Curate learning journeys for your employees from across multiple ecosystems while having complete visibility of their skill-building.

Skill-Gap Analysis

Comprehensive and real-time role-specific skill insights to help employees identify their learning goals and relevant skill proficiencies.

Single source of truth

Approvals, payments and access are taken care of in one place. Pay only for what your employees consume!

AI-powered content matching 

Hyper-personalised and adaptive AI-powered learning journeys, curated specifically for each employee from across multiple resources.

Skill Intelligence

Real-time insights of skills being developed across the organisation-applicable across recruitment, onboarding, up-skilling and more. 

Are you ready to transform your workforce?

We are solving the skill-gap challenge by combining a dynamic content approach with a skill-first learning model.


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